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Name:Schneider Auto Karosserie Body & Paint
Specialty:Auto Repair & Service
Customizing & Conversion
Motorcycle & Scooter Services
Review:1 client review
Location:1180 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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Good customer service, Horrible Craftsmanship
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by Nickbenjones, Oct. 06, 2016

        This review is a result of having my car at Schneider Auto Karosserie Body & Paint
for a month, returning four times to the shop only to see that the work they had done had gotten progressively worse as they “attempted” to fix damages to my 2014 Scion Frs driver-side fender and door.
        The after the first week my vehicle was there I was called stating that the vehicle was ready for pickup. When I examined the car the replaced fender was so misaligned that I refused to look any further and was told that they would fix it. Back in the rental.
        The second time I picked up the car I actually drove it for 24 hours until I shut my driver-side door with the window down and heard it rattling around inside of the door. This coupled with some major flaws in the paint forced me to return to Schneiders for repair of their repair work. Back in the rental.
        The third time I tried to pick up the car I still saw major flaws in the paint on all of the window pillars that had been resprayed. I was told to “give them a break” and that car manufacturers have billions of dollars worth of painting equipment to get good finishes… After a short discussion I was told the car could be fixed if they could pull the glass out of the car to repaint the pillars that had been botched previously. After being informed that it was possible that the windshield could break upon removal and that I could possibly be charged for that repair, I was told that they would call me back after speaking with the insurance company. Back in the rental.
        No call back. Called later during the week to be informed that the work was already done and that the insurance company had covered the cost of a new windshield. I thought excellent, its over, it will be done.
        Fourth time to Schneider heres what I have: Misaligned rear quarter glass causing a gap in the weather stripping which they promptly taped for me…, damaged interior quarter glass trim, mismatched window tint, on a replaced driver side door, for a window that they scratched, A new cheap windshield that is misaligned so horribly it is now impossible to read the vin off of my dashboard, a broken windshield cowl where there is a missing clip (worried it might fall off), misaligned rear window weather stripping sticking up above the roof line, and last but not least a nice bumper gap complete with white polishing compound to contrast my black automobile. Pictures of damages caused by the shop can be found on my yelp profile :)
        I took the car home. I have no doubt that the shop would have tried to “meet my expectations” again; however, I believe that this shop lacks the competence to complete the repair. Now I will be stuck spending my own money to put the car back to where it was before the accident.

* this reviewer has be with this auto service provider for <6 months
* this reviewer had 1 - 2 auto service provider before.
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